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A CALMM life is not a boring life...

Holistic treatments for modern life


Learn Stress Management Techniques


Have Harmony With Personal Values


Balance Structure & Flexibility


Utilize Physical, Herbal and Food Medicine


Identify and  Organize Your  Goals


Create a Process for Change

So what's the plan, you ask?


Sessions are 90 minutes and  include a blend of : 





Gua Sha

Essential oils


Herbal prescriptions

Lifestyle prescriptions


The treatments and prescriptions are tailored to your lifestyle and preferences. 

My session fee is $150.

Herbal or other prescriptions are not included in this cost.

I'm located in Denver, Colorado. If you're not local I'm also available for virtual sessions.

Meet Rondi

There are many tools that can be joyfully included in daily life to increase general well being such as mood, quality of sleep, personal relationships, professional success. Together we figure out which ones are right for you. 

My background includes numerous massage therapy trainings included those from IPSB in Culver City, CA and  personal apprenticeships. I hold a Master's of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, NM, and have completed many continuing education seminars on a variety of energetic, clinical, medical, and therapeutic topics. I have also completed a basic PranaVinyasa yoga teacher training and subsequent yoga trainings. In addition I have college education  (B.A.) in intercultural communication and organizational communication.

I choose not to participate in social media or review culture, but a list of direct referrals is available if you would like to reach out to those who have worked with me. 

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