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  • Can I take herbs and supplements if I'm already taking pharmaceutical medication(s)?
    Most herbs and supplements can be safely taken concurrently with pharmaceutical medications. It is VERY important that you tell me about every single prescribed medication, over the counter medication, herbal medication, or supplement you are taking. I will check my recommendations for any contraindications with medication you are already taking. I advise you to check with your prescribing practitioner as well.
  • How do I receive the herbal medicine or supplements?
    Some herbal supplements are available locally at stores like Sprouts or Natural Grocers. For others, I use a web based service called Full script. STEP 1: You create a free account (it's incredibly simple and user friendly). STEP 2: I add the medicine to your cart. STEP 3: You check out and have it shipped directly to you.
  • Where does the herbal medicine come from? How do I know it is safe?
    The brands I prescribe are held to good manufacturing and agricultural standards set by the FDA.
  • What is the cost of herbal medicine?
    The cost of herbal medicine depends on several factors: 1- The herbs you are taking 2- The course of treatment (how long you take them) 3- The dosage amount A range of $30 to $100 per month is normal.
  • I see you're a licensed acupuncturist, are you available to provide acupuncture treatments?
    At this time I am not available for in person acupuncture treatments.
  • I can't afford your services, do you offer discounts?
    Appointments for seniors (those 65 and older) are $40 (10 off). I also accept donations to cover pro bono care, you can check with me to see if I have funds available to cover your treatment costs.
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